Wednesday, September 15, 2010

La Vida Loca

Sometimes Life and I have these wrestling matches and I feel like I am losing. I will be walking along, humming some tunes, doin' some homework, microwaving a corn dog...when all of the sudden BAM--> Life gets me in a choke hold and suddenly I am struggling to breathe or think straight!  "LLLIIIFFEEEE!" I shout. "Gimme a break for just one second! I thought I was strong and persevering- why you gotta come at me now?!" It is the worst when Life attacks you during a time you believe to be healthy or successful. Life makes you feel weak and pathetic for not overcoming things you know you need to. LIFE CAN BE A REAL JERK SOMETIMES. I tend to blame Life for my insecurities that sneak up on me, or for things that are completely out of my control. Situations that I did not choose, it's all Life's fault. Why should it be mine? I did not do anything wrong, I did not decide this outcome, I did not plan for this. 
But you know what, as angry as I get with LIFE sometimes, it is very cathartic to moan and groan about LIFE BEING SO DARN LIFELIKE. For me, it also makes light of my trials. In a good way. I can jest about Life dealing me a bad hand, rather than being legitimately angry or giving in to self-pity or blaming God. Those are not good places I wish to visit. 
Nope, I think I will stick to the wrestling matches with Life, I have a feeling I end the fight victorious.

(Disclaimer: 'Life' is in no way a metaphor for God or Jesus. Life is not always on my side, and the Lord is.)

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