Tuesday, February 18, 2014

      I am not sure if this happens a lot to others, but sometimes I get shown an attribute of God and I am so into this certain characteristic that I become a bit hung up on it. 
For instance:
God you are so loving, you are a meek lamb whose affections never end. Soon, an imbalance occurs. God is also the God of justice and righteousness. He abhors wicked deeds. We must know this loving God and also fear Him. 
This can lead to...God, you are just. You are strong and powerful. You are worthy of highest praises. I am a speck in your presence. Those might be true but God also desires for us to draw near to Him. He has made us worthy through His Son's sacrifice. He is our Father. Another imbalance occurred. 

      Today, I was asking the Lord for more compassion. It's amazing the things I can do through Christ. I can love people who piss me off or don't deserve it- all because of the love and mercy freely given me. 
      When we see even an ounce of good character in someone this should encourage us all the more that the Creator of the universe embodies that beautiful attribute a hundredfold. Does that make sense? 
The God of Mother Teresa is even more giving, sacrificial, and merciful. 
The God of the apostle Paul cares even more about people, and is even more wise and persistent. 
The God of my own mom is even more gracious, and sees the best in me even more than she does. 

      I hope I can quit putting God into a box, or quit forgetting that He doesn't just have the characteristic of goodness or grace or righteousness- He IS all those things. 

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