Tuesday, January 28, 2014

today's letters

Dear 6:15am, we met again this morning and it wasn't awful. However, the subbing job I woke up early to do is another story... Dear mouthwash and flossing, you make me feel like a grown up. You just make me more responsible- taking care of my gums and all. Dear lipstick, today let's see how many kindergartners comment on you and make me self-conscious #"SenoritaBishopWhat'sOnYourMouth?" Dear Downton Abbey, you continue to break my heart and yet I keep going back to you. Just please please please don't do anything to Mrs. Hughes. PLEASE! Dear Jesus, I am so stoked to worship you tonight with a body of believers for whom I am so thankful. I hope I learn to trust you more & have faith in your complete goodness. 

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