Saturday, September 29, 2012

Go forth, and LIVE!

I can do anything!!!!! 
I am young and single and ambitious and motivated (I think) and I have a list!!!
I am now of the mind that many things are possible for me and I want new experiences and to learn new things and to go to new places! So, I am gonna do it. But, really, the following is a list that I am going to put a dent in:

--> take a culinary class (my friend Kristen and I are doing this probably in the spring)

---> learn Italian (I am going to take classes at the local community college, it is so cheap!)

--> surf more and actually get good at it

--> Travel a lot before I am married (and during!) 
          -Machu Picchu in Peru 
          -New Zealand 

--> road trip up the coast of California  

---> Become CCA coordinator at Forest Home? That's a legit commitment and full time job so I can try, maybe closer to age 27ish though

Well, that is my list, I hope it inspires you. Get EXCITED ABOUT LIFE! TASTE IT!

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