Saturday, August 18, 2012

On creation

I am so at peace. I am SO thankful to you for the beauty you surround us with. I begin to resent what we have done with it...building sky scrapers and shopping malls and suburban neighborhoods...but I won't let those thoughts hinder my content soul. It seems like such an obvious observation and one that so many make, but I don't care. You are such an artist and You are so majestic. When people who don't believe in God look at the mountains/trees/lakes/sunsets/etc. all they get to do is simply marvel but they can give no credit, they can feel no reassurance about the loving Creator who made it. How empty. I love the verse that talks about creation speaks of God so that man is without excuse. It is so true. And today it felt like a gift. A gift for me. "Here Kelly, see Me in the pines, and the painted clouds, and the blue jays, and the breeze and know that I am God". Like you were reminding me that I can feel fulfilled by more than just the affirmation of others, or by food, or by a good book, or by success. And that this sort of peaceful fulfillment is directly from You, the God of the universe. And the automatic response is praise. Thanks for setting up these moments or hours or days when we get to quiet ourselves and just enjoy who You are and what You have made. And often, the "what" can also be loved ones who equally speak of your majesty.

Ohhhh my heart is full. I'm going to stare at the sky and mountaintops some more. You know something is crazy when I choose to sit and admire over being social and interactive ;)

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