Thursday, February 23, 2012

On where I am??

Dear Life, 
       Can't quite figure you out this season. As I sit here listening to Van Morrison's "I forgot that love existed (Live)", I cannot settle on just one attitude for my current station. But, I know this, I am not in a valley. We Christians like to label sections of life in terms of mountains, peaks, valleys, meadows, deserts, etc. It is one of our things. Along with "intentional loving" and thinking we have read more C.S. Lewis books than everyone else.
Life you yet again have me in a job I am beginning to sternly dislike. It has it's ups and downs but the downs are taking the lead. 
Woooo doggie and don't even get me started on decision making! Transition Transition Transition. 
But then Life, you have given me these amazing roommates who cover all facets of a relationship--> depth, fun, spiritual challenges, chill time, communal sharing...I mean heck, I keep the door open when I pee sometimes. And it's practically a rule to put on sweat pants when you get home. We keep things classy. 
But boy I sure miss home. 
Also Life, I found this awesome church RIGHT in the midst of a time when I might be leaving the area. As my friends south of the border say: no bueno, compadre. 

Anywho, my thrift store finds have been on the rise lately, so that's rad. And I'm seeing a lot of divas (Graffiti) this month. Also rad. 

Missing my mom and feelin this song, 

p.s. Van Morrison is still relevant...

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